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Landscape Photography

I have had a passion for capturing landscapes from a very young age. Having grown up amoungst the beautiful scenery that is Mid Wales and the ever changing light and weather you will find there. Much of my younger days were spent capturing images on an old Brownie Camera which my mother had. I remember a short phase in the seventies when the dreaded 110 format instamatic cameras flooded the market and i still have many negatives far too small and grainy to actually call 'photographs' but affordable and convenient at the time. It was in the late seventies whilst working in a Darkroom and Reprographics dept when I had unlimited access to decent 35mm cameras, lenses and oh yes miles of bulk loaded film. I can remember the giant leap in the ability to capture Landscape images now having access to professional equipment. I compare that 'giant leap' to another which happened when I changed to digital photography in 1999, at first suffering a drop in resolution compared to a huge jump in covenience. I do not miss the days of having a darkroom at home all the chemicals the adjustments and waiting..... no I certainly don't.

Digital technology has certainly favoured the photographer as I write Nikon have just released it's flagship camera the D4 when you compare 10 years of film camera development the pace is almost unbelievable. I wonder what is to come.

I love weddings and portrait shoots and thoroughly enjoy the events though I am at one with my camera when out capturing Landscapes. It's the light and hues of the great outdoors which is constantly changing, ever chasing that quality of light and shadow, a fascination to capture for others to see. The very nature of Landscape photography is experiencing the golden hours around dawn and dusk when the low level sun tempts you with it's infinite range of colours.

Welcome to my world of landscapes. please enjoy.



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